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MaryJane, the only woman that will burn for me

Maui Waui 😊



And now, for something completely different.

Garbodor vs. the World is this idea I had to just knock out some fun fight animation. Above, episode one of what might be a dozen or so. Garbodor vs. Pikachu. If you dig it, please share, subscribe, etc. I have more planned, but I want to know if anyone’s interested.
Also, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing some livestreaming. And by some, I mean a fuckton. I’m figuring out how to make my next proper short film and considering kickstarter for the first time. To combat the contributor’s natural concern that their artist might slack off, I was thinking I’d livestream it at least 40 hours a week, with an hour or so of office hours every day where I’d turn the microphone on and answer animation questions. But that might* turn into an absolute nightmare of stress. So, I’d try it out first free, with less pressure, with one of these which only take about a week to make. Does that sound cool? Would any animation students, noobs, whoever, be interested in that sort of livestream? Retumbl with a yeah if yeah.
Thanks, pals!
*would. The word I’m looking for is would.

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Do you love Blue Dream? :)

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Hiding under the bed from the big bad vacuum monster

Love Nature’s symmetry - Camellia japonica (the Japanese camellia) is one of the best known species of the genus Camellia. Sometimes called the Rose of winter


I’m so sunburn ow ow  ig: @_earthsea & twitter: @dabbyprincess

that tattoo is life 

getting back into waist training again so i can justify buying myself a new corset for christmas 🙊 it’s amazing how well i still fit?! #waisttraining #corset #corsettraining